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A Fresh Approach to Mortgage Lending
Loan Officers, take a look at what we have to offer and you will quickly see why we are turning heads...

Digital Mortgage

We are constantly seeking ways to make the home process more straightforward for our team members, clients, and valued referral partners.

Being a “paperless” operation in the mortgage industry is certainly no easy task.  But we have a phenomenal system that provides the best customer experience while making sure all parties and team members are kept in the loop and the loan file stays on track.

Control & Flexibility

At Buckhead, the LO is the quarterback!

You structure the loan, price the loan, and write the “game plan”  for everyone else to follow.   Once the play is called, your team will take the ball all the way to the finish line.

This process allows our LO’s to stay focused on what they do best which ultimately leads to personal volume growth.

Pricing Control

At Buckhead, you will not lose a deal over rate and terms!

Pricing margins are always a point of debate when comparing different operations to work for.

Any seasoned LO knows that a higher than market comp and an operation that is stacked with management layers,  always translates into higher rates being offered to the customer.   This is not our style of business and we want nothing to do with it.

At Buckhead, we keep the operation streamlined to eliminate margin pressures and its shows every day in our rates.  Very rarely do we NOT find ourselves leading the competition.

But there are some occasions where we need to get slim to win a deal or make it work.  And when this happens, the LO has full control over pricing and can do what is needed to keep the deal.




Programs to Compete

Our operation, by design, is a hybrid in that we combine Correspondent Lending and Brokering into one seamless operation without sacrificing efficiency or control

The goal is to provide a solution for any situation, and we do a great job of it!

For mainstream loan types,  you have the option of banking or brokering, and the choice is entirely up to you.   The approach and process is the same either way.  With the exception of a few technical differences, the two loan channels are virtually the same

Conventional – Fannie, Freddie, Home Ready, Home Possible, HomeStyle Renovation, Nationwide High Balance

FHA – 203B, 203k, 203h, $100 Down, DPA Advantage Program, No Score Streamline Refinance

VA – Standard VA, IRRRL, VA Renovation, 100% Cash Out Refinance.

USDA – Standard USDA, Manufactured Housing Pilot Program

JUMBO – Up to 95% LTV on Jumbo’s

NON-QM – Bank Statement, Investors lease only, Foreign Nationals,and a whole lot more

Portfolio – for the loans that are a near miss, we have Portfolio loans to provide a solution

Seasoned Staff

2019 marks our 20th year in business!

During this time, we have been faced with a number of “market” challenges that could have been the down fall at any given time.  But we didn’t stumble like so many and we not only survived – but we thrived.

This could not have been achieved without the knowledgeable staff that are all experts in the industry — and always have your back.


Entrepreneurial Spirit

To have an entrepreneurial spirit, you need people who think anything is possible and have the tenacity to accomplish it.

And this is who we are.

  • We are a united team that share a mindset driven by entrepreneurial spirit.
  • We carry an attitude an approach to thinking that actively seeks out change, rather than waiting to adapt to change.  We embrace critical questioning, innovation, service, and continuous improvement.

We are very grounded that our way of approaching the business



Elevate Your Career

Curious where you might fit into our team?  We are looking for motivated and talented experts in the mortgage industry who are eager to be part of a new approach to the home loan.  By simplifying the process and elevating technology to a whole new level, we have made doing your job more straightforward, transparent, and intuitive – so that you can focus on what you do best!

Chat with Briggs.

Briggs Cline is the founder of Buckhead Home Loans.

Take a 15-minute chat with Briggs and see if Buckhead is the right place for you.

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