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GROW YOUR CAREER in the mortgage industry!

We always have our eyes and ears open for talented individuals that align with our culture, seek new heights, and are willing to commit to excellence.

Whether you are a seasoned loan officer or brand new to the industry, our comp plans are designed to provide ultra-competitive rates that will ultimately drive volume to the originator.

Transaction Model:  The transaction model is designed for seasoned professionals that have built a good book of business and want to earn more from every closing.  By taking on some of the expenses, loan officers have full access to our support systems, investors, and business channels while only paying a “transaction fee” on each loan closing.  This is a great model for loan officers looking to take their career to the next level.

Traditional Model:  The traditional model is designed for loan officers that have experience and desire a strong support system while working in a fixed bps pricing model for each closing.  A great, and time-tested, model for the solo loan officer looking for steady growth.

Apprentice Program:  The apprentice program is designed to bring new people into the industry while providing the skill set needed to have a long and successful career in the mortgage industry.  Our training program starts with licensing and moves through different modules to develop key skills needed to advance your career.  Graduates are strong and proficient loan officers and can chose a compensation model that works best.

With over 120 investors/banks operating in the wholesale market, it’s not a stretch to say that if there is a product, we either have it, or we can get it.

In addition to all of the “vanilla” stuff with Fannie, Freddie, FHA, VA, RD, and Jumbo – here are a few programs that expand the product offering allowing the originator to keep their pipelines full.

  • No Overlays
  • FHA/VA – down to 500 score
  • DPA – multiple options
  • 1% Down Conventional
  • Non-QM – Bank Statement, DSCR, No Doc Primary
  • Hard Money & Fix and Flip
  • Reverse

Technology, Technology, Technology!!!

In the last several years, the broker world has made tremendous improvements with its technology platforms by integrating the process from start to finish into simple easy to use interfaces.

With Arive as our POS/LOS/PPE, you can originate loans from anywhere with ease. Streamline your pipeline, issue instant pre-approvals, document requests, one-click AUS, and send disclosures.

Provide your clients with a branded, mobile friendly and secure client portal to collect applications and supporting documents based on custom rules. Accurately quote your borrowers with exact rate, generate fee worksheet comparisons, set up rate alerts, and so much more…

Operating as a hybrid model technically known as a Non-Delegated Correspondent Lender or Mini-Corr provides originators with the flexibility to bank or broker their deals.

Originators choose the investor and the channel that best fits the scenario, whether it be a loan program, a guideline appetite, pricing, turn time, or any other reason. At Buckhead, the originator is the quarterback and calls the play, the operation serves as the team to execute the play.

Over the top support is who we are and what we are about – and we have the experience to back it up.

It all starts at the top with a hands-on owner who has been in the mortgage business for nearly 30 years.  Engaged daily with sales training, product training, and loan troubleshooting with the single goal of guiding the originator to achieve their goals, whatever they may be.

Our in-house processing and closing staff are simply the best in the business.  Critical thinking ability combined with a white glove customer service approach can make even the most difficult loan or borrower a walk in the park.  They are ready to put their years of experience to work.

Buckhead loan officers can take advantage of our in-house processing team or use one of our approved third-party contract processors.  Regardless of the processor used, the Buckhead staff is always available and stands ready to assist however needed.

If you want to have a long and successful career in the mortgage business, you need to know loan programs and guidelines, but even more importantly, you also need to know how to find the business. There are many originators that claim to be “guideline gurus” but are completely paralyzed when it comes to marketing. They simply miss the fact that this industry, like many others, is 95% marketing and 5% execution.

We are marketers!

From simple direct mail campaigns to more complex data driven niches, we love marketing and are always looking and experimenting with new marketing ideas that drive activity to our originators. From new business development to post close client retention, we have all the systems in place.

Buckhead Home Loans is everything you should expect from a brokerage, plus more.

Founded in 1998, we have been around long enough to have seen several market environments. Our history gives us clear insight that market conditions do not dictate the long-term success of a company. If long-term success is to be achieved, the people must be the backbone of the operation. Experience, leadership, wisdom, and support must all be present to provide an environment where an originator can find success, even set personal records, regardless of external market forces.

Put the power back in your hands as an originator with the tools, resources, and compensation plans that fit the way you work. Whether you are new to the mortgage industry or a seasoned originator, Buckhead could be the place for you.

We are different –

From the beginning, we have operated in the mortgage broker channel as we believe this is the most efficient way to serve our clients. At times, we have explored moving to a “retail lender” by bringing all functions in-house but each time we moved this way, we quickly realized why the broker channel is where we need to stay.

While the broker channel has matured in recent years, the channel still presents challenges for today’s originators that need to be overcome. Limits with loan portability regarding disclosures and appraisals both present challenges to the pure broker model.  But our way eliminates these challenges.

OUR Way – is a hybrid model technically known as a Non-Delegated Correspondent Lender (NDC). With this model we get ALL the flexibility of a full lender but retain ALL the benefits of a mortgage broker. The result is an operation that delivers the best of both worlds.

With OUR WAY, you are the lender, so you control pricing, disclosures, appraisal, and closing. But we still utilize the same wholesale lender partners for pricing and underwriting. The result is a highly competitive product delivered in the most efficient way.

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Non-Del Correspondent Lender – Best of Both Worlds
Efficiency of a Broker & Control of a Lender

Everything you need to take your career to a new level

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