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Homeowner's Insurance

Before closing, you will need to setup a Homeowner’s Insurance policy for the new property.  This is a simple process and one that needs to be done as early as possible in the process to avoid closing delays.

To get started, you will need to call a few different insurance agents and ask for a quote.  Just give them the details you know and refer any mortgage or loan questions to us.  Once you have decided on the insurance, just let us know the agents contact information and we will handle it from there.

We always recommend that you call your auto insurance agent first as there is a good chance you can get a “bundled” deal when adding the home.

Here are a few agents that we routinely work with and feel confident they will take care of you.


Fairway Insurance Advisors

Rusty Clifton


US Standard Insurance Co.

Taylor Duplantis


The Rhoads Group

Clayton Rhoads



Coming Soon


Coming Soon

South Carolina

Coming Soon

North Carolina

Coming Soon

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