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Having been around a long-time (celebrating 25 years this year) we know that our people are the backbone of the operation, so we always have our eyes and ears open for talented individuals that align with our culture, seek new heights, and are willing to commit to excellence.  In exchange, we provide the skill set, knowledge base, and support system needed to have a long and prosperous career in the mortgage industry.

From our beginning, we have operated in the mortgage broker channel as we believe this is the most efficient way to serve our clients.  At times, we have explored moving to a full lender and bring all functions in-house but each time we moved this way, we quickly realized why the broker channel is the way to go.

In today’s environment, operating as a pure broker is challenging as the originator has very limited control over the process; so much so that they are often considered nothing more than the retail arm of the wholesale lender.  Going full retail is an option that would regain control, but this is expensive and the additional cost always results in non-competitive pricing.

Non-Del Correspondent Lender - Best of Both Worlds
Efficiency of a Broker & Control of a Lender

There is a better way – OUR WAY – is a hybrid model technically known as a Non-Delegated Correspondent Lender (NDC).  With this model we get ALL the flexibility of a full lender but retain ALL the benefits of a mortgage broker.  The result is an operation that delivers the best of both worlds.

With OUR WAY, you are the Lender, so you control pricing, disclosures, appraisal, and closing.  But we still utilize the same wholesale lenders for pricing and underwriting.  This results in a highly competitive product delivered in the most efficient way.

If you’re ready to find your place in the mortgage industry, explore the opportunities in the links below:

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